be2 or C-date: Find out what is right for you.

Understanding the dating market: C-date is for casual! Matchmakers like be2 are for serious dating.

be2.co.uk or C-date. Casual dating v. Matchmaking

When you’re looking to find love and adventure online, it’s important that you understand what you are looking for, what different services provide and which one is going to deliver your dearest wish. C-date is here to help you find excitement and adventure; to fulfill your fantasies without necessarily committing for the long haul. be2 is an example of a dating website right at the other end of the market. be2 is a matchmaking site that helps its customers find long term love and commitment.

What is matchmaking? Example: be2

So if you’ve arrived at this C-date site and what you’re looking for is a serious relationship, perhaps you need to think about registering with be2 as well. www.be2.co.uk specialises in bringing people together for long term love and companionship.

be2’s customers register with a short but in depth questionnaire and, based on the results, are matched with suitable people in their locality.  The be2 algorithm is at the heart of this process – deciding which people to introduce to one another, based on their personality traits. It is a very successful system that has worked for be2 customers all over the world.

The be2 algorithm

Of course this is all a long way from casual dating where preferences and intentions are the most important matching criteria. With be2 compatibility is the key word. be2 looks for shared attitudes and values and ranks their importance for each customer. These preferences are compared and matched. For example, be2 compares how traditional or modern their customer’s attitudes to gender relations are. This is one of the core dynamics in the matching process.

Being a customer of both be2 and C-date

Of course you may be looking for long term love and short term adventure. Many people are. Lots of be2 customers use C-date to ‘fill in the gaps’ while they are waiting for Mr or Mrs right to come along. The be2 service is about a long term search for love and it’s nice to have something going on in the meantime. 

be2: another string to your bow

Likewise, if you’re a C-date customer, but the relentless rounds of casual flings and steamy liaisons are all starting to feel a bit meaningless, you can ‘put your hat in the ring’ for a more serious relationship while you’re busy. Causal relationships can be the route to love, but this doesn’t work for everybody. For some, really getting to know a special person doesn’t involve sleeping with them on the first night. For this added element to your dating life a service like be2 dating can work really well.

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