Can Casual Sex turn into love?

Casual Dating is not intended to help people find love, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. What to do if casual sex turns into love

Casual Dating is dating without the commitments, but what if sex turns into love?

• Can Casual Dating turn into love?
• For 27% of C-date members, a one night stand has turned into a stable relationship.
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Casual sex and love - a contradiction?

Can casual sex become love? The simple answer is: YES! For more than one in five C-date members, a solid relationship has grown out of a one-off adventure. What at first appears to be a contradiction, is in fact quite logical. Casual dating is sex without commitments. But just because C-date members don't want to commit to anything, this does not mean that they’re not open to it to changing their mind. Casual dating is all about openness - everything is possible, anything can happen. The only requirement for successful casual dating is the willingness to openly and honestly communicate desires, needs and personal boundaries... and be prepared to be surprised by what happens.

What to do if casual sex turns into love

Our members use C-date for many different reasons. Some are too busy to get involved in a relationship, but do not want to give up sex. A lot of traveling business people are grateful that they can easily socialise in each new town they visit . Others use casual dating because they just came out of a longer relationship are not yet ready to embark on a new one. Finally, there are many C -date members who are indeed looking for a relationship, but at the same time passing the time until Mr or Mrs Right comes along with casual dating.

If you have fallen in love with your casual dating partner, you should come clean as soon as possible If your feelings are reciprocated, you should clarify whether you are both ready to quit casual dating and have a monogamous relationship - or if you enjoy casual sex so much that you want an open relationship. If your partner has no interest, you must be willing to accept that. If your feelings are not reciprocated, you should notarrange to have any more casual dates with this partner. That can only be hurtful in the long run.

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