Casual dating with class – What men want.

Casual dating with class

What do men really want?

Only one thing?

Most women would roll their eyes and say that sex is what most men are after. Well, you're wrong ladies. Men aren't, as it is so often implied, only interested in the physical. Nor do they dream about one-night-stands and affairs. Men, like women, need emotional attention, too. Whether while casual dating or while in a long-term relationship. That's why casual dating with class is perfect for both men and women.

Men need affection

Women want intelligent, good humoured men while men want emotional women. This sounds wrong somehow. But it isn't. Looks aren't the be all and end all for men. Even if they enjoy looking at top models and Hollywood actresses, there's no real emotion involved. That certain something has to be there, it has to click. Women tend to be pre-occupied with their outfit, hair style or how they should act. Men make much more instinctive decisions: do we gel or not? In this moment, how long the relationship will last isn't important at all.

Casual dating isn't Men Only.

Casual dating can be a great distraction whilst waiting for the right partner but it is there for those who have no interest in a long-term relationship, too. After all, not every man is looking for a wife and not every woman is hoping for a proposal. Casual dating is a way of life for individuals who're looking for non-committal, intimate liaisons with a partner who shares their desires and fantasies. It's not about leading a secret double life within the realms of a permanent relationship. Casual dating is about living up to one's full sexual potential in real life.

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