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Casual Dating is a trend all over the world. Find out more about this growing phenomenon on a selection of international websites in many languages.

What is casual dating and how is it different from "normal" dating?

Of course, there is no such thing as normal dating, as anyone who has been single for a while knows – each date is different and that’s before we even get to cultural norms, dating attitudes and gender-specific expectations...

However, one thing that is a part of dating rituals almost everywhere in the world – and that sets it apart from casual dating – is the desire (or at least the pretense to take the relationship to the next level and develop a romantic connection with the person you are dating. While it is entirely possible that a romantic relationship could develop from casual dating, it is not the goal or the promised benefit of casual dating to find a relationship or a partner for life.
The goal of casual dating is a mutually fulfilling sexual relationship for open-minded, adventurous people who want to live out their fantasies without committing to a relationship.

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