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What makes an older woman hot? Each man has his own personal preferences ... big, small, light, dark, classy, inconspicuous, slender, plump, old or young. Different tastes mean there is the perfect woman for every man. Cougar dating is the preference for young men who are attracted to older women.
The "ideal woman" can be hot in her own way, regardless of her age. Wit, spirit, confidence, style – older women have found their place in the world and know exactly what they want. Cougar dating lets them get sexual satisfaction from young men who are eager to learn and to please, while the men value their experience and emotional intelligence, a prerequisite for a fulfilling sexual relationship.
Men who enjoy Cougar dating know that it takes more to be an attractive woman than youthful, shapely curves and bare skin.

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The most important factor that makes a Cougar attractive. A really hot woman is one who knows she's hot - and that shows too!

A woman who maintains her own style is much more attractive than follows every trend and wears clothes that do not fit her.

Practice makes perfect, and older women have years of practice behind them.

Women of a certain age know what they want - in bed, as well as in life. Cougars exude more sex appeal than young women who want to please everyone.

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