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Eroticism is unpredictable and can bring exciting moments to a gray day. A glimpse of cleavage, long legs in a short skirt, but also a sexy voice or a nice smell can suddenly cast an erotic spell that makes your body tingle. Most people have certain erotic preferences, which have crystallized over time. However, human desires are dynamic and constantly changing, so the erotic signals that work for you might change over time. There may be things that turn you on that you don’t even know about.

Eroticism thrives on experiments

• Play with your partner or with a new acquaintance and discover a whole new world of erotic sensations.
• Try something you've never done before. Use erotic toys, dirty talk, something you have never tried... Anything can unleash unexpected erotic potential.
• If your sex life is stuck in a certain routine, break out! Variety is a must.
• Anonymous erotic encounters with acquaintances on the Internet provide erotic stimulation if you currently are without a partner. Have an erotic chat and surrender to someone you have only known virtually for a few minutes. If you like what you see, you can add a whole new dimension to your sex life with an erotic encounter.

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