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You want a woman for wild and uninhibited sex, without too much cuddling and romance? There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the woman is in agreement. Unfortunately, a lot of men feel they have to lie to get British women into bed, so they disguise their true intentions when picking up girls.
Anything goes when a man is trying to get into a girl’s underwear, so even when men only want one thing, they often pretend to be a true gentlemen, even speaking of love and a possible relationship to convince British women to have sex with them. Unfortunately, this strategy often ends up being unsatisfactory for everyone involved – the women, because they are disappointed and hoped for more; the men, because they may not actually get the unlimited sex they want, but have to deal with an upset lady at the end of it.
Honesty is a much better strategy! Believe it or not, there are plenty of British women who do not want foreplay, flirting and tender caresses, but prefer getting straight to the point. Women who want to share their own body without inhibitions and enjoy animal lust in a man’s arms. With them you can have a satisfying sexual experience without lies, guilt or disappointment.
But where can you find British women who want sex? Of course, on the Internet. On a sophisticated casual dating site such as C-date, you will find British women who do not want vanilla sex, who speak openly and directly about their desires, get down to business and don’t want or need anything more than great sex.
When you contact a woman on C-date who presents herself as horny and looking for no-strings-attached sex, you know you won’t have to lie or cheat to get her into bed – you just need to contact her and suggest a date!

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