Here, there and everywhere

What can be classed as a good flirt? Hundreds of self-help books full of tips and tricks claim to know the answer. The suggestions range from the funny to the strange but whatever strategy you decide on, none of them will get you anywhere if you're not prepared to go out on a limb and try them out. What have you got to lose? Face, pride, a few pounds for a drink?

If you can't take rejection in any form, perhaps you should stick to online dating. You get matched with the kind of people you're looking for and know upfront that they're looking for someone like you, too. Which is a great basis for a flirt, don't you think? Wherever you hope it leads: erotic contact, bit on the side, relationship.

First a flirt, then a ....

So you've decided on an online flirt. If it's someone you'd be keen to see more of, take things to the next level - offline. There's nothing like a thrilling flirt to put a spring in your step and if you're enticed by the thought that it could lead to more, why not find out?

One step at a time. Get to know your match. Whether you're in it for a flirt, for the sex or even love!

Experience erotic adventures with class