Sex on Valentine’s Day – The Day of Making Love!

Whether single, dating or in a relationship – most of us have hopes of getting laid on Valentine’s Day. After all, with so much romance in the air, sex can’t be far behind...

The top 3 reasons to have sex on Valentine’s Day

1. You are in a relationship/you’re married and Valentine’s Day is one of those special occasions when you make an effort to re-ignite the passion.
2. You are dating or in a new relationship and Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to have sex – after a romantic dinner, splashing out on a special gift and getting in the mood with some champagne.
3. You are single and everyone seems to be talking about love, so you at least want sex on Valentine’s Day if everyone else is getting some.

Love and Sex - How to make Valentine’s Day work for you

Are you single on Valentine’s Day or do you have a romantic date lined up? If you have no Valentine’s Day plans because you aren’t interested in love, romance or relationships (at least not right now), then you should think again. Even if you only want sex, there’s no better time than the day of love to get it. With all that talk about love and romance, many singles feel left out and want to have sex to compensate. Casual dating helps you connect with other singles who want sex on Valentine’s Day without the commitment of a relationship.

3 tips for sex on Valentine’s Day:

1. Sex on Valentine’s Day in a relationship.
If you have been in a relationship for a long time or you are happily married, the passion may have gone from your everyday life. As routine takes over, it’s easy to forget about the things that made you happy when you fell in love. If you care about your partner and want to save your relationship, you need to make an effort. Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or a birthday are the perfect occasions to make those old sparks fly again. Break out of your daily rut, get some one to look after the kids, get dressed up and have a romantic night out or even a whole weekend away. Don’t just end the night with a quickie, but make sure you have plenty of time for adventurous, hot, sensual sex – just like you used to have when you were head over heels in love!

2. Sex on Valentine’s Day when you’re dating.
If you’ve only been dating a while, Valentine’s Day is the time to take your relationship to the next level. If you haven’t had sex yet, tonight could be the night. After all, there’s nothing quite like a candlelight dinner and a bottle of Champagne to get in the mood for sex! At this stage of a relationship, setting the mood for sex shouldn’t be a problem. When everything is still new and exciting, the bigger problem is usually trying to keep your hands off each other until the end of the night!

3. Sex on Valentine’s Day if you’re single.
If you are single on Valentine’s Day, you are probably feeling a bit lonely, hoping to find a date for the night OR you couldn’t care less because you are quite happy to be single. No matter what way you feel about it, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that there’s no one making love to you on the day of love. Rather than pining for Prince Charming or bitterly boycotting Valentine’s Day, why not make Valentine’s Day work for you. After all, with so much romance in the air, it’s the perfect day for sex (even if there’s no love involved). On this of all days, if you’re going to be single, you might as well be single together ;)

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