Are "Adult classifieds” the only way to find sex? Find out about the modern alternatives to placing a personal ad!

The definition of "adult classifieds" is as varied as the people using them. What exactly are you looking for? Where can you make the right contacts? We'll help you find the right alternative to adult classifieds.

find sex through adult classifieds

• Looking for private erotic contacts? • If you looking for contacts, especially sexual ones, you might be using adult classifieds.
• Are you put off by the vulgar and direct tone of most adult classifieds?
• Casual dating is the classy alternative to adult classifieds!

Casual Dating connects open-minded people seeking new experiences – just like adult classifieds

Adult classifieds used to be the easiest way to make erotic or sexual contacts and to find partners who were interested in a sexual adventure. In addition to paid sex, adult classifieds also offered mutual satisfaction without payment. But not all people know what to expect when they seek out adult classifieds. Often the design of websites and magazines offering adult classifieds is less than appealing, especially for women, and the vulgar ads surrounding the classifieds often border on the pornographic.
But are adult classifieds the only way to arrange sex with a stranger? Not necessarily! Singles have long been using dating websites to find their great love, a harmless flirt, or blind dates... and now you can also find sexual contacts through specialised casual dating websites. If you are looking for adult classifieds, casual dating might be the perfect alternative for you.

Adult classifieds? Find what are you looking for through casual dating!

1. You can make it clear what you are looking for and what not – if you are only interested in sex, you can find someone who wants the same. And you don’t have to be worried about the financial interests of the people you are meeting.
2. Stay honest - above all to yourself. Whether it be physical shortcomings or specific sexual preferences. If you are open and honest in your profile, you will be successful! The C-Date profile allows you to paint a detailed picture of your preferences and desires, so you will really find exactly what you want.
3. Make yourself pretty. Of course, casual dating is not all about looks, but a favourable photo and a neat appearance has never harmed anyone’s chances. A casual dating site lets you be much more specific about your appearance than the few words in a personal ad.

Try Casual Dating on the Internet instead of adult classifieds

Whether you are looking for an erotic adventure or a soul mate – casual dating is the perfect alternative to adult classifieds. At C-Date, you will find what you are looking for.

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