Infidelity test – how to find out if your partner is cheating

In most relationships, partners trust each other to be loyal and faithful. But what if you are worried that your partner is trying to conceal an affair? Find out if he or she can pass the infidelity test!

The infidelity test can tell you if your partner is cheating

- Learn more about the typical signs of infidelity.
- Insist on an infidelity test if you have doubts
- Casual dating may be the answer if you are sexually adventurous and don’t want your partner to cheat!

Infidelity test – because you want to know

Not only extremely jealous people sometimes ask themselves if their partner is unfaithful, or is cheating. We have all found ourselves looking for the typical signs of an affair. It all begins with a gut feeling that something just isn’t right. It might just be paranoia, but to be absolutely sure – and to be able to trust your partner – it is better to do an infidelity test.

The infidelity test relies on several indicators to expose a possible affair.

1. Look for traces of another person on your partner’s clothing and body, like a strange perfume, lipstick stains, scratches, or a long blonde hair on a dark sweater. 2. DO NOT go through your partner’s mail, emails or text messages. That would be an unforgiveable breach of privacy. DO keep an eye out for things your partner leaves lying around that might give away clues – receipts, dates in the appointment schedule, etc..

3. Don’t be afraid to question explanations offered by late nights out – ask about details and be aware of inconsistencies or stories that sound as though they are being recited (i.e. they were thought up as a perfect alibi).

4. Watch out for sudden changes in behaviour, such as spontaneous gifts, a noticeable change in mood, less or increased sexual activity. 5. Be open and tell your partner about your doubts – and why you are having them. There is a good chance that you will know by his or her reaction whether the infidelity test is really necessary.

If your partner reveals to you that he or she has cheated or is thinking about it, because they are unsatisfied with the sexual routine in your relationship, casual dating might offer a solution! If you are sexually adventurous and open-minded, you could try finding swingers, couples for a partner exchange or a sexy woman or man for a threesome. That way, you can both expand your sexual horizons, add new spice to your relationship and there will be no more need for infidelity!

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