What is Casual Dating?

Casual dating could be defined as having relationships without the ties, but however we define it, one thing is for sure: casual dating is becoming more and more popular. But why? Perhaps it is because of a demanding career or hobby, the desire to travel or the reluctance to settle down. Whatever the reason, these days the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right can take longer and the wait can be frustrating! But the wait can be frustrating! That's why many people are choosing casual relationships with no strings attached, allowing them to fulfill their erotic needs without having to invest in a full-blown relationship. When open-minded people start a liaison on these terms, there is no resentment or responsibility, just good times. And the benefits of a good physical relationship on our health and happiness are scientifically proven!

Of course, there are alternatives, but affairs are not anonymous and can be dangerously unpredictable. Women in particular, have understandable qualms about picking up a stranger in a pub or club for a One Night Stand.

That's why meeting a casual date through the internet is the ideal solution, because getting to know potential dates before a meeting not only spares that first-date awkwardness, but it also offers you a level of security you don't get through a chance meeting on the dance-floor. A massive 90% of casual daters meet each other online! And it stands to reason. Registering on C-date, for example, means you know from the word go that your date is open for the same things you are.

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