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What is C-Date?

˜Love your way

We give you matches. Get to know your dates. Have intimate moments. Burning passion. Have fun finding the "one". Just the way you want. How? Choose one of your matches, because of your shared interests, or sometimes just because! With us you'll have the best time, no strings.

Flirt at the click of a button. Love at the click of a button. Excitement at the click of a button. No matter what you call it, you'll have the best time together.


Flirt success rate

Percent of Premium Members who receive at least one response within the first 7 days (C-Date worldwide, 07/2022)

> 15.000

Flirts a day

Number of couples who exchange messages for the first time every day (C-Date worldwide, 07/2022)



> 48%


Balance of Premium Members over a 30-day average (C-Date worldwide, 07/2022)

> 21.000

new people looking each day

Number of daily registrations (C-Date worldwide, 03/2021)

Many have already tried us out – and each other

You too can share your dating stories! Spill some juicy secrets or check out what other customers are saying to get inspired. No need to rush, take your time to explore... come on, join the fun!

* Images are sample images. Privacy. It's a must.


Note: we do not provide our service to customers with Luxembourg residence. If you are a Luxembourg resident you're not allowed to register for the service.

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