Do French women really have better sex?

French women have more, better sex, according to several popular self-help books. Is it true that French women lead sexier lives?

C-date International Study sheds light on the truth behind „French women“ genre of self-help books

• French women really do have more sex
• According to the answers French women gave in the C-date International Study 2013, their sex lives compare favourably in almost every aspect to the sex lives of the international average.
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Do French women have better sex lives?

A new genre of self-help books proclaims that French women are better at life. It began with the best seller French Women Don’t Get Fat, carried on with several „French women“ parenting guides and is now reaching its logical conclusion with sex guides like Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Dining, Wining and Romancing Like the French or French Women Don’t Sleep Alone. The general gist of these books is that French women have it all figured out, and that women everwhere in the world can learn a thing or two from them. Thanks to the data we have gained from the C-date International Study, we are able to compare the responses of French women to those of the overall average responses from all women internationally to determine if there is any truth behind these books.

The truth about French women and sex

According to our data, French women really do have sex more regularly than the average woman – More than one in ten of French women state that they have sex daily and half of them have sex every week. Unsurprisingly, 74% of French women are either very or reasonably satisfied with their sex lives, which is slightly above the international average. If there is one thing French films have taught us, it’s that French women are pretty relaxed when it comes to fidelity – or lack of it. Again, there seems to be truth in the stereotype. 29% of French women would be willing to let their partner go casual dating, as opposed to 19% of all women internationally. However, they are actually less willing to accept their partner cheating than the international average, so the trick here is obviously to simply let a French woman know when you are planning to sleep with someone else. It seems that French women are also more successful in business – at least judging by the number of managers amongst the C-date members, which is three times as high as the international average percentage of female managers! Maybe their success – both in sexual and in career terms has to do with the time they invest in their appearance. French women have a reputation for being well groomed – and according to the study, it is true. 71% of French women spend more than 1 hour preparing for a date, while over 50% of women internationally spend less than 1 hour on their appearance before a date.

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